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**Breeding Core II – University of Colorado – Denver|Anschutz Medical Campus – posted 10/13/17**

The Breeder Core II position oversees all aspects of managing breeding colonies. This position works with new PI’s to bring breeding colonies under management of OLAR. Provides routine breeding colony maintenance which includes trouble-shooting problematic breeding colonies and providing input and recommendations to research staff regarding breeding. Other duties include: changing and/or cleaning soiled animal cages and/or pens, feeding devices and watering devices. Evaluates the basic health status of animals and reports abnormalities to the appropriate personnel.  Weighs, administers medications, sets up breeding cages, records breeding status data, weans, euthanizes, restrains, collects samples, performs identification (i.e. tattoo, ear tag, ear punch, etc.) and transports laboratory animals as directed by supervisor, veterinarian or lab. Contact appropriate personnel regarding dead/sick animals, overcrowded cages, euthanasia requests and specific project requirements via e-mail or phone. Collect soiled animal bedding and other wastes and transports to designated waste disposal sites (i.e. cage wash room or dumpster). Procure animal feed and supplies from appropriate support areas and transports to required use site.   Records daily animal care activities on room check-sheets, maintains breeding database, contacts appropriate personnel regarding dead/sick animals via e-mail, flag or phone, sends out weekly breeding summaries and monthly colony census to labs. Scans cage cards to record animal census in the animal rooms. Selects, prepares, dispenses and utilizes hazardous chemicals and disinfectants according to manufacturer’s instructions in cleaning and sanitizing animal rooms, racks, cages and pens and animal support areas.  Operates mechanical equipment used to clean and sanitize surfaces. Cleans/sanitizes/disinfects animal holding rooms, procedure rooms, support rooms.

Monitors the progress of the assigned work area by ensuring that all SOP’s/policies are being followed, assigns and adjusts coverage for their assigned area to accommodate employee absences. Performs room audits of breeding core established areas to ensure SOP/policy compliance, this includes auditing supplies and storage areas. Ensure that all appropriate documentation is completed for all rooms assigned to their area.  Performs and monitors the completion of various technical assignments offered by the department including; weaning, ear tagging, transferring of animals, tail snips, injections and overall health monitoring of the rooms in their assigned care by working closely with a Supervisor, Veterinarian or Veterinary Technician. Is able to mentor/train others regarding all aspects of animal husbandry and breeding maintenance, provides input into areas that should be covered by performance plans and provides feedback to supervisors for preparation of evaluations.  On occasion may be required to drive a University vehicle to transport animals in cases of emergency.

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**Veterinary Technician II – University of Colorado – Denver|Anschutz Medical Campus – posted 10/13/17**

Consult with research personnel to accommodate any investigator needs such as: scheduling use of procedure rooms and/or surgical rooms to research personnel; reserving of equipment needed by research personnel (anesthesia table, scales, etc.); providing technical services upon request of research personnel examples include: individualized training sessions; assistance with anesthesia (induction and monitoring of both large and small animals); organ, blood and tissue collection; administering experimental agents; animal  euthanasia; collection of postmortem tissues for evaluation; surgical assistance; etc.]. Operate as a lead technician by coordinating activities of other veterinary technicians which may include training (to include OLAR staff, research personnel and students), activities in the surgical area, and investigator research procedures. Assess, plan, implement, and evaluate projects assigned that involves leading others within the veterinary group and from other groups within OLAR.  Examples could include environmental bacteriological monitoring, inventory management, and training. Evaluate established work processes for inefficiencies and inconsistencies, such as animal ordering or sentinel collection. Recommend and implement assessable solutions. Monitor the progress of the assigned work area by ensuring that all SOPs are being followed. Assign and adjust coverage for their assigned area to accommodate employee absences. Mentor/train others regarding all aspects of this position, provide input into areas covered by performance plans, and provide feedback to supervisor to prepare evaluations.  Perform physical examinations on large animals. Perform audits to ensure appropriate documentation of all veterinary activities is conducted and maintained to include animal health records, treatment sheets, anesthesia records, sick or injured animal records.. Perform diagnostic laboratory evaluations and tests in the areas of hematology, parasitology, serology, microbiology, cytology, and clinical pathology. Perform proper techniques for: sample collection, handling of diagnostic samples and equipment (examples include: parasitology sample collection and evaluation; serology sample collection and shipment to various diagnostic laboratories; creating diagnostic reports; filing of all diagnostic related paperwork; and the “Sentinel” program) of the work unit. Create diagnostic records and billing for appropriate tech time spent on diagnostic services. Monitor and perform diagnostic testing involved in the transfer of animals between facilities or rooms within OLAR facilities.

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**Research Associate Animal Technician – Colorado State University – posted 9/22/17**

Short description of job responsibilities

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**Allentown - Technical Sales Consultant: Southwest Territory – posted 3/9/2017**

Allentown, Inc. is seeking experienced and enthusiastic individuals to develop new business as well as manage existing accounts within a defined geographic territory. The position provides an opportunity to expand a well established business with an excellent and long standing brand reputation in the marketplace. Further details can be found at this link: Job Details Interested individuals please forward resumes to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. EOE/AA/Veteran/Disability